Wedding day lip prep


Hey Beauty!

Leading up to your wedding day or any special occasion, we might get a spray tan, book a facial, get our nails done but we forget about our lips. We'll buy a lavish new lipstick but of course we want our lips to be free of dry skin so our lips look smooth and our lipstick looks as good as it should. Below are some easy and quick methods to give you that glamorous pout that is an important part of your overall look.

Now you have your new lipstick, let's get your lips looking and feeling smooth with no dry skin in sight. If you are a bride to be take these simple, quick and easy steps as your wedding day approaches to have the perfect, plump pout! Have a girlie night with your bridesmaids and make the scrubs together, have fun with it! Nothing spoils that luscious new lipstick like dry, flaky or chapped lips. Fear not, beauties! We have sourced the best tips to give you sumptuous lips so you're a knockout in your new NGC lipstick.

Many people use a new, soft toothbrush to exfoliate but we love to make our own lip scrub with an easy, super sweet formula and our finger tips! This easy method will ensure you don't scrub too hard, which you can easily do with a toothbrush. We recommend doing this before makeup or as part of your skincare routine in the evening.


Using household sugar mixed with honey or coconut oil, put a little scrub on your finger tips, smile and softly scrub in a circular motion. Smiling ensures you don't miss any dry skin hiding in the creases of your lips. Do this for just a minute or two and your done, it's that easy!

Now that you're finished, pat your lips dry. Do not wipe and drag your skin.

If you will be exfoliating your lips in the evening, apply a deeply moisturising lip balm afterwards, like Carmex. Remember to smile! Overnight the lip balm will penetrate your lips because all that dry skin isn't blocking the way and the next morning your lips will be supple, soft and ready to take on your new lipstick!


Before applying your lipstick, add a little concealer to your lips to gently cover your natural lip shade, especially if you have naturally pink lips. This will really allow the true colour of your lipstick to shine when it's applied onto a colour free, smooth lip. 

Enjoy applying you're lipstick throughout the day. Makeup is an incredible tool and taking those two little minutes a few times a day to give your complexion a boost, will give your confidence a boost and that really is what makeup is about, confidence! So wear your lipstick proudly in any shade you want, no matter your age, where you are or what you're doing. Wear it for yourself and no one else because you deserve to feel and look your best. 


Natalie Grace x