About Natalie Grace

At the age of 9, my mum let me try lipstick for the first time on holiday in Canada. A bright pink shade at a MAC counter. When I saw myself in the mirror I had the biggest smile on my face and felt so pretty. From that moment on I fell in love with lipstick and all things makeup. 

Working as a Makeup Artist for the last 8 years, I realised very early on in my career that I wanted to create my own lipstick line. It's been a journey that's finally led to here. 

Scotland's First Handmade Lipstick Brand.

Lipstick is very POWERFUL. It can elevate your makeup dramatically and most importantly make you FEEL more confident within yourself. This is why we wear makeup and how I want YOU to feel every time you proudly apply your UNIQUE Handmade lipstick from Scotland. 

Why has no one done it until now? because it's HARD WORK. Launching any new business is difficult but creating handmade lipsticks when you know so little about the process is very challenging. It's a never ending learning experience that's led me to have a fuller understanding of how lipsticks are made and asking important questions like, why are not all brands cruelty free when there are so many cruelty free options (thats a big one!) what does this ingredient do? The list goes on...

Lipsticks that are mass produced go through a machine that inserts the lipstick itself into the tube and then it goes through a hot air system that quickly blasts them to smooth out any edges. Given that every single part of our process is done by hand and not using a factory, you'll see the beautiful difference in our lipsticks and see that it has been poured and made for you very carefully. This is the Unique touch of being Handmade.

We are delighted to now offer Handmade Lipgloss’s to blend BEAUTIFULLY with all of our handmade lipsticks. 

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Natalie Grace. x 

Cruelty Free and Eco-Friendly