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NGC Wedding Day & Self Care Package. SAVE £15%

£34.85 £41

Make a GREAT saving with our Wedding day Self care package which includes our Luminating lip Bath, Smoothing Lip Exfoliator, 12 pack Collagen eye masks and your choice of compact mirror all for 15% off, one FREE NGC Gift Bag and FREE UK SHIPPING.

Saving over £8!

We've created these 3 products for effective and visible results to give you the confidence boost you need day to day or for any special event. 

See and feel the satisfaction of massaging away dry, chapped lips with our Smoothing Lip Exfoliator by applying in back and forth and circular motions. It is also infused with natural oils to begin nourishing your lips as soon as dry skin is kicked away. 

Your then ready for our Luxurious Luminating Lip Bath. Packed with the most hydrating, premium ingredients. Your lip bath will immediately soak deeply into your lips now there's no dry skin getting in the way. Did you know our lips don't produce moisture on their own?

Aloe Vera contains natural antioxidants. Vitamins E is recognised as a powerful antioxidant and a great line of defence against free radicals, which are molecules that tend to attack collagen. Collagen keeps us looking youthful!

Aloe also relieves dry, chapped lips by bringing new cells to the surface faster. The oily consistency of Vitamin E oil can also prevent further irritation. 

Glycine Soja Oil is an incredible natural oil taken from the soy bean with so many benefits for dry skin. It is anti-inflammatory, has a collagen stimulating effect and protects against UV radiation. This magnificent oil also forms a layer on the skin that does not let moisture evaporate, therefor preserves the moisture on your lips. 

Safflower seed oil helps your skin regenerate, is naturally soothing and maintains softness and suppleness on your lips. 

12 pack Collagen Eye Masks

Experience Gold Collagen and natural oils soaking into your under eye area. 

A Self Care and Wedding day prep essential.

Smooth fine lines, minimise puffiness, reduce dark circles and brighten your skin. Whatever issue you want to improve, regular use of our Gold Collagen eye masks will improve the appearance of any of the above. 

How to use:

For best results store your eye masks in the fridge before use. The cooling effect will instantly reduce puffiness and brighten your skin. Leave on for 30 minutes, peel off and massage the remaining product into your skin. 

Do not apply with any moisturisers or eye creams underneath. 

The perfect skin product to use regularly on the lead up to your wedding day, on the morning of (after a few glasses of champagne the night before!) to freshen up your under eyes! 

Use in the morning or as part of your evening skincare routine.

Cruelty Free and Eco-Friendly