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Lip Care Duo. SAVE 20%

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SAVE 20% and Get your NEW Luminating Lip bath and Smoothing Lip Exfoliator as a Duo for guaranteed smoother lips. 

As a Bridal Makeup Artist for over 6 years, I've had brides every weekend come to me with dry, flakey lips, not knowing how to fix the problem or where to go. This powerful Lip Care Duo is inspired by my brides and I'm delighted I can finally give every single woman the solution to not only hydrated lips but plump, nourished and a more youthful pout.

Exfoliating and moisturising your lips on a regular basis has an endless amount of benefits. Your lipstick and lip glosses last longer, apply smoother and look flawless with no dry skin in sight. 

Infused with natural ingredients, add this Dreamy Duo to your skincare routine and use as wedding day prep.

Did you know your lips can't produce moisture on their own?

Soak your lips in our Luminating Lip Bath for instant hydration, infused with natural ingredients

Aloe Vera contains natural antioxidants. Vitamins E is recognised as a powerful antioxidant and a great line of defence against free radicals, which are molecules that tend to attack collagen. Collagen keeps us looking youthful!

Aloe also relieves dry, chapped lips by bringing new cells to the surface faster. The oily consistency of Vitamin E oil can also prevent further irritation. 

Glycine Soja Oil is an incredible natural oil taken from the soy bean with so many benefits for dry skin. It is anti-inflammatory, has a collagen stimulating effect and protects against UV radiation. This magnificent oil also forms a layer on the skin that does not let moisture evaporate, therefor preserves the moisture on your lips. 

Safflower seed oil helps your skin regenerate, is naturally soothing and maintains softness and suppleness on your lips. 


Including the same ingredients but with a delicious dose of fine sugar to kick away layers of dry skin. Your NEW lip exfoliator will allow the lip bath to get to work with no dry skin in sight. 

By exfoliating your lips on a weekly basis, you stimulate blood flow making your lips naturally more plump and pink in colour. 


Don't worry beauty, we'll send you easy, low maintenance instructions with every order!


Cruelty Free and Eco-Friendly