EXCLUSIVE Bridal Party Discount

Hey Bride to be!

If your Bridal makeup artist has already given you lipstick shades, just fill out the form below and let us know how many lipsticks / lip glosses and what shade you're looking for.

*Please note there is a minimum of 5 lipsticks per order to quality for a Bridal discount*

Natalie Grace here. If you don't already know, I've been a Bridal Makeup Artist for 8 years now. I understand how important it is for you to have your very own wedding day lipstick shade on your one special day and to have your Bridesmaids etc looking beautifully matched from their dresses, hair, jewellery etc and of course LIPSTICK. 

I've worked at weddings where bridesmaids bring out all different shades of lipstick before walking down the aisle and the horror on a brides face who was NOT expecting it!

I've created an EXCLUSIVE and PERSONAL experience for you to get a discount on a minimum of 5 lipsticks or more for your Bridal party. If you choose to add in glosses we'll add a further discount. Our Bridal compact mirrors are included for you too! 

Do you need help choosing the right shades for yourself or your Bridal Party?
Just let me know in the comments below who you are shopping for and roughly how many lipsticks and glosses you're looking for.

Let me know your go-to shades and what you're comfortable wearing? Or do you want to try something a little different? I might ask for a photo of you to ensure we make the right choice. 

If you're shopping for your bridesmaids let me know their dress colour, skin tone - pale/medium/tan and your wishes for their finished look and anything at all you want to add.

We are the ONLY cosmetics brand focused on creating a unique experience for you as a Bride to be on choosing your wedding day lipstick. Your lipstick shade changes the look and how you feel about your makeup, don't underestimate it. Let me help and we'll pick the perfect shade for you and your bridal party together!

Natalie Grace. x