On your Wedding day, getting Bridal Makeup ready!

Your Wedding Morning, What To expect?

Hey Beauties!

So you've planned everything down to the last detail. Fallen asleep for months imagining it all in your mind. Going over it countless times making sure it's just right. Well...relax Bride to be! If you've booked suppliers who specialise in weddings, your good to go!

I totally understand, you've never done this before, but we have. From a Bridal Makeup perspective, I always arrive earlier just to make sure I have more time. I usually end up doing an extra makeup! 

Let's say you're getting married at the most common time, 2pm, your already at the venue and you have a Bridal Party of 6. As the bride, your Makeup and hair should aim to be finished for 12pm, why? Your photographer arrives around 11am. They'll be busy the first hour taking beautiful pictures of your wedding dress, rings, shoes etc. Around 12-12.30pm is their opportunity to take pictures of you with your Bridal party. Never get your makeup done last. If you do, you'll be the only one in your pictures without their makeup done. I start my Brides Makeup at 10am then she gets her hair done around 11am, by the time hair is finished, she has plenty time to make any changes she want's. 

It also take's longer than you think to get into your dress, put your earrings on, your shoes, go to the bathroom and everything in between. Leave yourself plenty of time so the day starts off relaxed and not rushed. 

The Bride's Makeup should be done before her hair. If not, we will more than likely need to use clips or tuck your hair behind your ears to keep it out the way. Personally, I don't want to touch your hair at all once it's finished, especially if your hairstylist has already left. The other reason is, seeing your Makeup with your hair freshly finished, will immediately make you see if you want any adjustments. 


Once you're ready, relax and have something to eat or drink. Eat a little something so you don't feel faint, it's a long time before the meal starts!

Once everyones happy with their Makeup and hair, your Bridal Makeup Artist and hair stylist will be on their way leaving you to get ready and have the best day of your life. Looking and feeling like a princess! 

Try not to fritter the morning away feeling nervous, I know it's easier said than done but you're going to look an absolute knockout! The most incredibly beautiful you've ever felt. Embrace it. It's one day out your entire life! 

Love Natalie Grace. x 



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