The Perfect Match Collection

Hey Beauties!


After around 18 months of working on 3 luxury Lip Liners and 3 Lip Glazes to match your beautiful lipsticks, I can now finally tell you more about them! 

Why are they called lip glazes and not lipgloss? I've always associated lipgloss with a sticky feeling, one that most of us don't like and is the main reason why some women don't wear them, myself included. It's not too difficult to create a non stick formula but it is more difficult to include the right, premium ingredients for them to be soothing, hydrating and not just a shine on your lips. Many women wear lip balm because they get dry lips. My goal for the lip glazes to give you that non-stick, moisturising feeling but way more glam and exciting than a lip balm! The finish looks shimmery, plump, dazzling and moisturising.

They all have a shimmer in them because whenever I use a shimmer gloss on a bride, it looks way more eye catching than a normal, basic shine! 

They are 100% cruelty free and have the most luxurious scent of vanilla added to them, which is something you don't realise you love or appreciate until it's added to your product. 

The lip glazes have a special ingredient which took a long time to decide on. It had to be something that conditions your lips, is rich and moisturising so it actually helps to heal dry skin. Of course, it had to be a luxurious ingredient, not just anything for the sake of it.

Glycine Soja Oil, is from the soybean. It is plant based, pure and naturally nourishing. Glycine Soja Oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamins that protect and sooth your skin. Using plant based oils prevents the loss of collagen and keeps your skin soft and free of fine lines. Many of us forget our lips change too as we age, so it's important what we put on them!




It's not just a lip liner. If it was, we'd all buy the cheapest one we could find. It's got to glide on, be easy to apply and be gentle on our lips. 

They are soft, creamy khol liners which are hypoallergenic, perfect for sensitive lips. 

Hypoallergenic is important, especially as a makeup artist and consumer. How disappointing is it when we can't wait to try a new cosmetic and when we finally do, it doesn't agree with our skin? It's happened to me and I'm sure it's happened to you too!

They'll be launching in just a few short weeks and I CANNOT WAIT for you to have them! 


Love Natalie Grace. x 






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