It's more than Lipstick, more than just Makeup.

It's more than Lipstick, more than just Makeup.

Years ago when I worked at MAC cosmetics, I remember very well serving a woman in her 40’s who was very plain. No jewellery, no makeup, hair not done and clothes were very baggy. She said she was with two of her friends but they were looking elsewhere and she would like to start wearing makeup. Of course I was delighted and encouraged her to start wearing it!

She was with me for around 15 minutes as I was showing her the basics. Keeping it simple and showing her products she could easily apply herself day to day. We were having a great time and she was smiling the entire time.

I asked her if she used to wear makeup and she said yes. Her tone changed every so slightly. She said she used to wear it but then she became a mother, had less time, lost herself a little and her confidence took a hit. Years went by and she never wore it again.

She said on the odd occasion she did wear it, her husband would say something like ‘why are you wearing that?'. She looked sad and hurt. I asked her if she and her husband are still together and she said yes. ‘What will your husband say when he see’s you with this makeup on?', She said she wasn’t going to wear it around him.

I felt so heartbroken for her, so I stopped what I was doing and and told her.

You are your own person. No one owns you. No one decides anything for you and no man on this earth has any right to discourage you from doing or wearing anything that lifts your confidence. I told her I think he feels threatened because she was trying to take better care of herself and make an effort with her appearance.

At that moment her two friends came back who looked exactly as she did, like they didn’t care.

I remember this part VERY well because it made my blood boil.
The first thing they said to her was ‘what are you doing in here this is for the young ones’. I said ‘she is young!’. They said she was silly for wearing makeup and I took it as a jab at me when they said ‘you don’t need to wear makeup like these girls why do you care?'.

I'd like to think any makeup artist or woman would respond because this poor woman wanted the ground to swallow her up!

I told them that it’s more than makeup. That women come in here every week who have cancer, who have lost their eyebrows, their eyelashes and their skin has lost its colour and that we teach them how to apply lashes, eyebrows and a full face because it makes them feel good about themselves again.

So don’t stand there and have a go at anyone who wears makeup. We wear it because we want to look good, which makes us feel good too. You should be supporting your friend, not making her feel bad for wanting to improve herself just because you don’t care how you look'.
The women looked utterly shocked and her friends then waited outside. She thanked me for telling them and I told her, I think you need new friends.

I’m telling you this story because whether you feel your not worthy of wearing it, you’ve let yourself go, your confidence is low, you have an unsupportive partner, negative friends, you don’t like how you look, you're going through a tough time, you worry what people will say if you wear it, STOP!

Stop caring what other people might say or think. This is YOUR life and your face Beauty! If you want to wear a little makeup everyday, do it. If you get negative comments, answer back.

Every single woman or man who wants to wear makeup, should. Any mature woman who wants to remake herself, should. You are alive, healthy and you no longer care what anyone else has to say about YOUR choices.

I created this brand not just because I love Makeup, but I love how it makes women feel. Knowing on your wedding day your wearing ‘I Do’ or ‘Ever After’. Everyday you're wearing my products and they make you feel pretty and ready for the day ahead. Don't let anyone stop you from being the best version of you.

Love Natalie Grace. x

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