Weddings are coming back!

Weddings are coming back!

Hey Beauties!

After a long road, weddings are finally able to go ahead with a decent group of 50 people! To many brides I'm sure this may seem to small but I had 50 people at my wedding and can tell you, you won't regret it because EVERYONE there you know well and are close to. The atmosphere is electric! 

So now you've decided to go ahead with your wedding NO MATTER WHAT! Let's talk about what you can be doing NOW to get Wedding day ready! 

Have you ever seen a bride who's dress is beautiful, stunning veil etc but her eyeshadow doesn't look right, her eyeliner is too dark and lashes too big? I could keep going...

Choose your Bridal Makeup Artist carefully ladies. It's not just make up, this is YOUR FACE, your wedding photos and you can't change anything once the day has passed.

Many brides have a price or budget for makeup which is understandable but if you see someone you really like and you can see 100% they have credibility, every photo is flawless and they have great reviews, don't compromise on your face.

If something isn't right about your makeup, it's human nature to notice the negative over the positive. Why spend thousands on your dress, shoes, earrings, veil, tiara and then not put that same price on your face that EVERYONE will see? 

I'm not a hairstylist and know next to nothing about caring for your hair but I've come to see over the last 6 years, a bad hair job when I see one.

On quite a few occasions I've seen that the hair has been poorly done so I've actually fixed it myself as best I can once the hairstylist has left. The curls were dropping after an hour! Make sure you choose someone for your hair who doesn't just have experience, but the BEST products and tools to ENSURE that your hair DOES NOT MOVE.

Just like makeup, it shouldn't slide off by midday, it should still be in place and glowing by midnight! 
You'll have already seen that we've recently launched our Wedding Prep Essentials Package. Let me tell you why I choose these products for a bride and her bridal party. 

Before the pandemic I was doing 6-10 bridal makeup trials a week. Honestly, as much as 90% came with dry lips. Their finished makeup looks beautiful but no matter what lipstick is used, dry lips will ALWAYS show. It's not the lipstick and makeup artists fault. Deal with the issue because it's EASY to fix and dry lips on anyone, especially a bride is NOT attractive and ALL eyes are on YOU. 

So that's why I created the Smoothing Lip Exfoliator and Luminating Lip Bath. We all own and have tried various lip balms but do they really do the job we need for such a once in a lifetime event? You can apply lip balm day and night but if there's a layer or two of dry skin sitting between your lips and the product, it's not going to have much effect. Get that dry skin away by simply massaging the exfoliator back and forth and in circular motions. Depending on the condition of your lips you may need to do this daily and then bring it down to twice a week but ALWAYS do this the night before your wedding. 

This product of course is for everyday, not just for weddings but brides have been waiting a LONG time for their big day so I want to give them the most useful advice I can to get them ready!
Once you've gotten dry skin away it's now time for the crown jewel, Luminating Lip Bath. It's called a Lip Bath because it soaks into your lips deeply and gives you immediate nourishment and hydration.

The ingredients are premium and not in your average lip balm. You deserve the lip BATH! Apply a small amount with the applicator or use your finger and massage into your lips. Following these low maintenance, easy steps will ensure your lips look healthy, smooth and plump for your wedding day. You can get both products as a duo for 10% off. Shop HERE. 


Many of us use eye creams and serums but many of us use nothing at all. If you buy an eye cream but you know you won't use it once the weddings over, that's one of the reasons why I created the Collagen eye masks in a pack of 12.

Applying one everyday, 12 days before the wedding is more than enough to brighten your under eyes and nourish the skin so it look's smooth and glowing. They are also an effective yet fun product to use with your bridesmaids the night before or morning of the wedding after a few prosecco's the night before! 

Vitamin C is in our formula because it's been proven to refresh the skin, reduce fine lines and naturally plump the skin.
These 3 products are an ESSENTIAL for any bridal party who want to feel CONFIDENT on the big day! 
They can be bought together for 10% off PLUS FREE UK shipping HERE and will soon be available in bulk for a bigger discount! 
We're also adding NEW compact mirrors to our brand embossed with Bride, Bridesmaid, Maid of Honour, Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom. They will be available in white and gold and the PERFECT addition to any gift. 

I hope you all enjoy the lead up to your wedding and don't let Covid-19 stop you from marrying your true love. 
Talk soon Beauties.

Natalie Grace x
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