Wedding Day Prep and Self Care Essentials

Wedding Day Prep and Self Care Essentials

Hey Beauties 

After months in the making we can finally give you your NEW Self care and Wedding Day prep products!
As a bridal makeup artist I see dry lips on a weekly basis. It's something that most people don't release is actually an easy, LOW MAINTENANCE thing to fix but don't know where to go for the right products. 

It doesn't matter how hydrating or beautiful the lipstick shade is on a bride, if her lips are dry, flakey or chapped it will show. 

I wanted to create products that are going to give you SMOOTH, MOISTURISED lips because you'll SEE and FEEL a difference in your lips. How your lipstick applies, how it LOOKS and how long it LASTS too. If your a lipstick lover like me, this is an ESSENTIAL you don't want to miss!


Our NEW exfoliator has been designed with natural ingredients such as ALOE VERA and HONEY, which are soaked in sugar to instantly nourish your lips as you massage away dry skin.

Aloe Vera is a powerful anti inflammatory and Honey Extract as we know is packed with goodness and protects your lips from infection. 

Luminating Lip Bath

Boy am I excited for you to have this beauty! 100% exfoliate your lips first to get the BEST results from your Lip Bath. You HAVE to kick away dry skin to reap the benefits of the Lip Bath or it will act as a barrier between your lips and the product.

Both the Smoothing Lip Exfoliator and Luminating Lip Bath come with an applicator or you can of course use your fingers. 
The ingredients don't just sit on your lips like many products do, they soak deeply into your lips to not only HYDRATE but to NOURISH, HEAL and PLUMP as well.

ALOE VERA contains natural antioxidants. Vitamins E is recognised as a powerful ANTIOXIDANT and a great line of defence against free radicals, which are molecules that tend to attack collagen. Collagen keeps us looking YOUTHFUL!

Aloe also RELIEVES dry, chapped lips by bringing new cells to the surface faster. The oily consistency of Vitamin E oil can also prevent further irritation. 

Glycine Soja Oil is an incredible natural oil taken from the soy bean with so many benefits for dry skin. It is an anti-inflammatory, has a COLLAGEN STIMULATING effect and protects against UV radiation. This magnificent oil also forms a layer on the skin that does not let moisture evaporate, therefor preserves the moisture on your lips. It is a truly magical, natural oil.

Safflower seed oil helps your skin regenerate, is naturally soothing and maintains softness and suppleness on your lips. 


Collagen Eye Masks 

Available in a pack of 12 or individually.

How many of us get dark circles, fine lines, puffiness etc? We ALL do. 

In our new eye masks are Peptides which help you keep your skin firm and smooth. As you age, the rate of collagen your skin produces slows down, so using eye masks infused with peptides helps stimulate their growth. 

For best results store in the fridge for an instant cooling effect which will reduce puffiness. Natural castor oil is also in our eye masks which have been known to minimise and reduce wrinkles around the eye area. 

What's not to love? Wear them in the morning, at night as you soak in the tub with your lip bath and they are also PERFECT for wedding preparation. Especially if you've had one or two champagnes the night before! 

You can purchase all our new products separately or together. Your new Lip Bath and Exfoliator will be available as a duo for 10% off and you can buy all 3 of the new products for £5 off including one FREE NG Gift Bag. 

We'll also be introducing the Wedding Prep Essentials in packages of 4, 6, 8 and 10 for a GREAT discount! The ideal and useful gift for your bridesmaids and as a bride to be so you can all de puff and brighten your eyes for the day ahead together! 


Launching Monday 1st March 8am. Set your alarms Beauties, it's gonna be a good one!

Natalie Grace. xx 


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