Wedding Day Beauty Prep Tips from Natalie Grace.

Wedding Day Beauty Prep Tips from Natalie Grace.

Hey Beauty!

So your wedding day or special event is approaching and you want to make sure you are looking a total knockout! Over the last 6 years as a Bridal Makeup Artist I've picked up quite a few great beauty tips to not only make you look incredible but more importantly, make you feel incredible too! 

Let's keep it simple and remember that these things don't have to cost a lot of money. Some may be more important to you than others. They are simple suggestions to hopefully encourage you to enjoy the process of being a glamorous bride to be! Organise and enjoy pampering yourself on the months before your wedding so it isn't a big hurry. It's once in a lifetime, why not go for it right? 

So let's dive in!

Tip 1
Invest in good skin care. You may not realise it until you have your Bridal Makeup trial but most of us who don't exfoliate regularly will more than likely have dry flakey skin in certain areas of our face.
If you are on a budget or have ran out of time before your wedding day, go and buy yourself a sensitive facial exfoliator and a suitable day and night cream for your skin type. Don't be hard on your skin. Soft, circular motions around your face each night will kick that dry skin away, ensuring your makeup on the day is utterly flawless! If you still have months to go, start a regular skincare routine now and if you're unsure on what's best for your skin, go and visit a skincare specialist or your local beauty salon who will take a close look at your skin and help you find what's best for you.

Tip 2
Get that sun kissed glow! We all know how much a tan give's us a body confidence boost. It looks phenomenal in photos giving you a healthy glow and works beautifully with makeup. So why not have a little colour on your skin? I don't mean the deepest shade there is. Keep it light and make sure you go to a professional who has been doing spray tans on brides for sometime and has a collection of work. They'll also guide you on how to get your skin ready so your a golden goddess walking down that aisle! 

Tip 3
Whiten your teeth. You absolutely don't have to go to the dentist and spend hundreds of pounds. Simple whitening strips will do the trick. Not every woman is comfortable in front of a camera, so do what you can to give yourself a glistening smile knowing your teeth will look fantastic in every photo of your wedding album!

Tip 4
Do what you want to do, this is your day. Not your mums, your sisters or your best friends. Whether its your Makeup, hair, colour scheme or wedding dress, everyone has their own perception of what beautiful bridal looks like. It doesn't mean you don't look beautiful. Their opinion is simply different from yours. Too many times a bride to be has loved her trial makeup and hair, smiling ear to ear, only to have her confidence shattered because of one opinion. If you are sensitive to these opinions, don't show or tell everyone everything. Keep certain things close to you or a very trusted bridesmaid who just wants to see you happy and understands it's not about her. If you do, I promise you'll look back on your special day and not regret anything because you followed your heart every step of the way. 

Tip 5
Take pictures with you to supplier appointments. Whether it's your Bridal trial makeup, trial hair appointment, florist or wedding dress shopping, take pictures with you. This will really help your supplier have a much clearer image of what you're looking for and the conversation can flow from there. So much of bridal is visual. making it hard to describe and can be misinterpreted. Make things a little easier for you and your supplier and choose some pictures you love to make sure there is no room for error and you get what you want. 

Tip 6
Wear false lashes. Even if its the smallest, thinnest pair, they open up your eyes dramatically and make you look awake and bright. They are light on your eyes, easy to take off and won't interfere with your own lashes. They will look seamless because they've been freshly applied that morning and will also look incredible in your wedding photos. 

Tip 7
Eyeshadow - Sticking with more neutral tones, browns, champagnes and bronze tones can never be a miss. They bring warmth to your face, flatter your skin tone and look pretty incredible in wedding pictures! If you're not sure what Bridal Makeup to have, you really can't go wrong with these shades. They look great on almost everyone! If your a glam bride to be, amp it up and get a beautiful, shimmering, light brown smokey eye. Remember, black makes your eyes look smaller. Keep those eyes open and bright!

Tip 8
Don't starve yourself. Being thinner doesn't necessarily mean better. Embrace your body and don't pressure yourself. It's very hard to imagine you're look coming together and what you will look like as a bride on the day but trust me, you will look and feel the most stunning, special and beautiful you have in your entire life. Love your body and your confidence will shine on the day! 

Be yourself, follow your heart and have the time of your life!

Natalie Grace. x 

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