The NG Christmas Collection

Hey Beauties!

Our very first Christmas Collection has arrived and we're here to tell you all about it!

As you probably already noticed, we're OBSESSED with all things lipstick so Christmas felt the right time to unleash our very first red lipliner and matching red lipstick. We've been working on the right shade of red for sometime. It's a tricky colour to get right but after the year we've all had, a bright, confident, Christmassy red felt the natural way to go.

Red lipstick and glowing skin are a killer combination and so Honeymoon Highlighter was born. A luxurious, premium quality pressed shimmer that will blend in beautifully with a variety of skin tones. Continue reading for tips on how and where to apply Honeymoon Highlighter.


FLAME lipliner

A soft kohl formula so you do not need to push down hard on your lips to see that gorgeous shade of red flow over your lip line. Use Flame to shape, enhance and define your lips. It also makes it easier to apply your lipstick as much like all lipliners it acts as a guide and ensures your lipstick looks sharp and well applied. Click HERE to shop Flame.


VIXEN Lipstick

Vixen is a sexy, strong and brightening red to amplify any look you want to create. Don't put her in a drawer only to be brought out for nights out, show her off and feel glamorous midweek too. Vixen is packed with antioxidant Vitamin E which protects your lips by keeping them soothed and hydrated. We're keeping your lips moisturised with every application Beauties. Vixen will give you the lift you need on days your not feeling quite yourself. It's days like that why EVERY woman need's a super HOT red so she's ready to face the world. If you want to elevate any makeup look, nothing says GLAMOROUS more than a red lipstick! Click HERE to shop Vixen.


Highlighters really do finish off any make up look so perfectly with it's incredible glow that we cannot achieve without it. We reach for it and it gives us a feeling of satisfaction every time we see that shimmer glide so smoothly across our skin and instantly, we have a glow.

So what makes Honeymoon Highlighter so special? 

Having worked in the makeup industry for almost 7 years I've bought so many highlighters and much like you I'm sure, some I've loved, some not so much.

Although the ones I've loved have been used and repurchased. I always found it tricky to find one that really did suit and blend with fair, medium and tanned skin tones because that's what I'm working with when doing bridal party makeup, different skin tones. 

Honeymoon highlighter is a very light golden pressed shimmer powder. Finely milled using the highest quality ingredients. When a product is finally milled it goes a long way when applied, meaning it will last you longer. Perfect for everyday use and working makeup artists. 

Where can you apply your Honeymoon Highlighter?

Apply Honeymoon above your cheekbones or just underneath your brow bone to highlight the arch of your brow. Add a touch to the inner corners of your eyes for a fresh, brightening look and even drag more onto your eyelid for a truly luminous glow. If you want an all over glow, take it up a notch and add to the bridge of your nose and cupids bow. If you would like to apply a little to your cupids bow, remember to do this before you apply your lipstick so the powder does not fall onto your perfectly applied lipstick. 

You don't have to use a brush with Honeymoon Highlighter. Using your finger will make it more intense due to the heat from your fingers melting and pushing it onto your skin. This also allows you to be very specific about where your applying it, unless your using a very small brush. Try various ways to apply it and see what you prefer, have some fun finding what works for you! Just remember a highlighter will highlight anywhere you apply it on your face, so highlight YOUR best features. Click HERE to shop Honeymoon Highlighter.

NG Luxury Branded Gift Bag

Last but not least, our NG gift bags. We've made them slightly bigger, with a matte white finish, shiny silver logo with a matching silver ribbon and rope. This design is inspired by bridal parties so no matter your colour scheme, these stunning luxury bags will match. We also feel they're more Christmassy being white and silver and even better, they're very affordable at just £1.99! (GBP) Click HERE to purchase.

I hope you love this beautiful collection and it makes you feel confident and ready to go on with your day or night. 

It's so much more than just make up. It can change how you feel about yourself, make you carry yourself with more pride knowing you look your best. You don't have to be going anywhere or doing anything special to wear it, wear it just because you want to. Take a few minutes each day to enjoy applying your favourite products because it makes you feel that little bit better. 


Christmas is a wonderful time of year. I hope Vixen, Flame and Honeymoon helps you or someone special get into the festive spirit!

Click HERE to shop the full Christmas Collection and receive 10% off PLUS Free UK Shipping. (Limited time only)


Thanks Beauties. 


Natalie Grace. x 

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