Choosing your Bridal Makeup look, with Bridal Makeup Artist Lynsay Gerry

Choosing your Bridal Makeup look, with Bridal Makeup Artist Lynsay Gerry


Hi everyone! My name is Lynsay Gerry and I’m a freelance Bridal Makeup Artist, based in Callander, Central Scotland. Today I want to help inspire you with some bridal makeup looks, some of which you may be considering for your own big day!

When it comes to choosing your makeup for your wedding day you will come across a wide range of inspiration, from places such as Instagram and Pinterest.  But which style of makeup really speaks to you? To help you decide, I have rounded up a few of my most popular bridal makeup looks.

True Radiance - This look is very skin focused and is all about the care taken in the skin prep stage. This requires a few key products to really perfect the skin and reveal it’s inner glow. From there, you can take things from a softly defined, barely there makeup look, or amp things up to a natural soft glam.

Bronzed Glow  - A kiss of sunshine with perfectly placed spotlights of glow, bringing out the bronzed goddess in you. This look is all about the bronze and highlight. You can use creams, liquids or powders, depending on your skin type and on how much of a glow you want to go for.

Signature Smoky - The perfect look if you love playing out the drama in your eyes. Remember smoky doesn’t always need to mean black eyeshadow. Using a complementary colour eyeshadow will really enhance your eyes and make their colour ‘pop’.  

Soft Glam - This is one of my most requested makeup looks. It’s soft and utterly romantic and is a style that fits incredibly well with brides looking for a classic, timeless makeup look.  

Statement Lip - Do you love the glamorous feel of a red lip, the dramatic vibe of a deep burgundy or the cheerfulness of a bright pink lipstick? If you prefer your lipstick to do all the talking then this is the look for you. Keeping everything else in your makeup look relatively simple, will allow your lipstick to take centre stage. 

For the nude lip devotees, the choice couldn’t be easier! I cannot think of a lipstick range better suited to your wedding day than the stunning Honeymoon Collection from Natalie Grace Cosmetics. As a bridal makeup artist herself, Natalie really has considered EVERYTHING a bride wants and needs from her wedding day lipstick.  I love every single shade in the range, but my personal favourite has to be Tie The Knot. It is the perfect accompaniment to the bronzed glow makeup look! It’s a truly gorgeous rich bronze nude shade, which works in complete harmony with warm tones.  

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my guest post. I really do love sharing my knowledge and connecting with you all. Follow me to find out more!

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