Get that Glow!

Get that Glow!

Hey Beauties! 


Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Magazines, it's everywhere! 'How to get that glowing makeup look'. You could say its the most popular, sought after look ever and rightly so. It makes you look younger, more natural, settles into your skin as the day goes on and it's radiant!, but in a world of a million products how do you know what to buy to really achieve that look?

I wear this look every single day because of the reasons above. Even if I wear more foundation than normal, it still looks fresh. I've used the same product's to achieve 'the glow' for around 4 years and never changed my routine so I'm going to share the products I use everyday and why. 


Some swear by primer, some don't. I've just never really seen a difference so I stick to a super hydrating moisturiser and if I want EXTRA glow I add a touch of MAC strobe cream but only around the outer parimiter of my face. Why? Any product that highlights, will highlight your pores and fine lines etc. I never put these products down my t-zone or any of my brides for that very reason. 

I find when I ask bridal parties if they have dry or oily skin, most answer with oily but in fact it's not. Everyone has oil in their skin, so as soon as you see a slight shine, that's perfectly normal and healthy. Until it becomes excessive, that's a different story.  



If you want just the smallest bit of coverage I swear by MAC face and body for everyday wear. I don't use a brush to apply it, always my fingers. I worked at MAC a few years ago now and always remember a senior artist coming to show us how to apply various products and she always applied this with her hands. She explained that the heat from your hands slightly thickens the foundation therefor giving you a little more coverage. This is only for the face and body foundation. It'll still look lovely if you use a brush, but very shiny and you'll need more powder to calm it down. 

If you like a little more coverage try Bobbi Brown Skin foundation. It actually does what it promises, makes it look like it's your skin rather than a mask. It's a lightweight foundation but very buildable. use a brush to apply this, as a damp beauty blender will take some away and it's already shear. 


You can still get a glow with a powder bronzer but before I go in with powder I apply Chanel, Soleil Tan De Chanel on my cheekbones, a touch on my forehead and a little over my nose. This is where the sun would naturally hit your face so it'll look like you have a more natural tan. Frustratingly Chanel decided to completely change the formula and the name of this utterly perfect product. It's now called Les Beiges. I haven't tried it myself yet so if your considering buying it, please read some reviews first before you decide. 

HEALTHY GLOW BRONZING CREAM ~ Cream-Gel Bronzer For A Healthy, Sun-Kissed Glow - CHANELIf you like a little powder bronzer on top of your cream, keep it on the outsides of your face for a little contour as well as adding your extra touch of bronze. Team your bronzed look with bronze lipstick 'Tie the Knot'.


Why is powder being mentioned when it's about that 'glow'? Even if you have the most perfect skin, add a thin layer of powder down your t-zone. It doesn't and won't look natural if you are glowing over every part of your face, it looks obvious and can accentuate pores etc. Using powder allows you to even out your skin and select where you want your glow to really shine. For most of us it's above our cheekbones, above our eyebrows, under the arch of our eyebrows and our cupids bow. Using a little powder to set any necessary areas will allow any highlighted parts of your face to POP! Even Charlotte Tilbury who is the queen of 'the glow' always adds a little powder where needed. 

Which brings me to the powder of all powers! Charlotte Tilbury's airbrush flawless finish powder. How many times have we wasted money on a powder that promised it would make our skin and pores look smoother? When this product launched I held back buying it, waiting on reviews and picture proof. I waited a good 6 months then I finally bought it. Well quite frankly, it's incredible. I have pores I'm very aware of next to my nose and a couple of fine lines that seem to be making an appearance and it 100% smooths them out. I haven't had more compliments on my skin since I started using it, but like anything else it's how you apply it that can make or break a products performance. So watch some tutorials and you'll be a pro! 


Who doesn't love a highlighter?! There's SO many to choose from. If you have dry skin always use a cream highlighter. If your normal - oily skin use powder. Most of us use a brush to apply our highlighter but once you've applied it, push it into your skin a little. This will gently blend it in and prevent any shimmery/dusty bits from sitting on top, which can look a little patchy. I always use my fingers to blend it into my brides skin so it look's a little more settled and natural.

Buy BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector™ Pressed Highlighter, Opal Online at johnlewis.comBLUSHER

It always surprises me how many people don't wear blusher. Once you're happy with your bronzer and highlighter, smile and add a little blush to the apples of your cheeks. If your not a big blusher fan, just add a little I PROMISE it will brighten your complexion, settle into your skin and look so youthful and fresh! If you don't have much time in the morning and it's a fight between blusher or bronzer, go with the blusher beauty! You can contour with this too, it doesn't always have to be bronzer. Get creative and try new things, it's all part of the fun with makeup. 


Lipstick and Lipgloss! Nothing finishes off a glowing makeup look than a glossy lip to tie it all together! Apply it all over your lips for a seriously glossy finish, or if you prefer, highlight your cupids bow and apply your gloss right in the centre of your lips. It bring's them forward and give's the illusion your lips are a little bigger. 

Soon Natalie Grace Cosmetics will be releasing Lip glaze's and lip liners to match each of our four glamorous nudes. I named them lip glaze because that's exactly what they look like on your lips. A shimmery, moisturising, glowing glaze that's not sticky and infused with some seriously hydrating ingredients. It's taken around 12 months to get this formula perfect but in just a few weeks you'll have them to use everyday or on your wedding day!

Thanks for checking in with me Beauties! If you want more blogs like this, comment below. 

Love Natalie Grace xx 

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