Creating Handmade Lipsticks. The Progress So Far...

Creating Handmade Lipsticks. The Progress So Far...

Hey Beauties

It's been a while since my last blog. If you've been following NGC for a while you'll know I've taken on the MAMMOTH task of creating AND hand making lipsticks here in Scotland. There's a reason why it's never been done before gals.

It is the MOST CHALLENGING task to accomplish that I've ever been faced with.

To be completely honest with you, I've had many moments especially the last few weeks where I've wanted to quit. Quitting is NOT in my nature, so when I'm having those thoughts I know I don't actually mean it but for some reason it helps for that brief moment of relief to say it out loud. 

I've cried my eye's out to my husband because I'm so overwhelmed but once I've let it out, watched a movie for some escapism, I'm right back on it the next day. 

You don't create the success to the level I want to by quitting. 
You don't achieve anything by quitting. 

I'm beyond grateful for those of you who message me asking when the lipsticks are coming and believe me I wish they were available for you NOW but beauties, it's not that simple.

Brands are usually created with a team of people. 

One person deals with manufacturing, the other is admin and communication, one handles the websites and the other works on new products, photoshoots and so much more.

I'm ONE person, trying to get all those things and more done myself. Because of the road I've chosen to go down it's made things more complex as I need a chemist to work on the formula with me.

I NEED to perfect the formula so you'll hopefully never want to buy Charlotte Tilbury or MAC again. I could have launched by now but the formula is NOT GOOD ENOUGH just yet. 

It's incredibly discouraging when you're ready to go but things aren't 100% yet. 

It's a massive test of character, resilience and challenges to overcome. 

But! The fact that no brand has ever made lipstick here in Scotland before and actually handmade it, is an INCREDIBLE opportunity and I'm going to be the very first to make it happen. When I think about that I get SO SO EXCITED! 

Right now the formula is 85% ready, then we can start making the new colours. 

Nudes beyond your wildest dreams and the perfect pops of colour!
We've also redesigned the box your lipstick comes in and its SO FANCY. 

My list of things to do is endless but it's like any challenge you take on, the beginning is the hardest part. Building and perfecting it, then once I hit the GO! button, there's no stopping me.

We've all got things we want to achieve however big or small. All of us have and maybe still do feel underestimated by others in want we want to achieve. 

I'm no expert but if you have goals, don't tell people the nitty gritty details, keep them to yourself. It sounds awful but don't trust anyone with your idea or your mission. People can quickly feel very intimidated and because your fantastic goals make them feel like a lesser person, they can try to make you feel lesser as well and bring you down. 

I'm extremely careful about who I talk to and share anything with but mostly I listen to POSITIVE things. I'm ALWAYS listening to or watching a video on how to grow a 7,8 figure business, how to be the best person you can be, how to successfully run a business etc. 

Too many don't do what they want to do for fear of failure or caring about what other people think. You'll have so much regret in later life if you let those two insignificant things stop you. 

Go chase your dreams, work hard to achieve them, write lists of what you want to do and how your going to get there but over everything, you HAVE TO Believe In Yourself. You can do it. Yes it will be hard and you'll cry a few times along the way like me but then dry your eyes and KEEP GOING. 

Whoever's reading this I wish you positivity and happiness. 

Stay tunes beauties. NGC is coming in STRONG!

Natalie Grace. x 
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