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Award Winning Bridal Hairstylist Lisa Ivone's Top Tips for your Dream Wedding Hair!

Hi Gals, It's Lisa Ivone here!

I specialise in bridal hair and absolutely adore my job. Styling many stunning bridal hairstyles every week at fabulous venues across Scotland. Haircare is super important from the moment you start planning your wedding. You should start thinking about getting your locks into the best condition of their life!

Here are my TOP TIPS for your hair in the lead up to your big day!

Tip 1 
Get regular trims (every 6 weeks or so) especially if you have colour in your hair. Also start to think about what colour you'd like your hair to be on your wedding day. It can take months to perfect the exact colour you'd like and you don't want to be making any drastic changes too close to the big day incase you regret it and don't have time to change it. 

Tip 2
If you have blonde hair, make sure you use toners and purple shampoo to avoid any yellow brassiness in your wedding photos. If you have dark or red hair think about some fine, subtle highlights to accentuate the style you go for.

Tip 3 
Find and then stick with one stylist that you completely trust and let them know your vision for your wedding day hair. Pictures help us get inside your head then we can take the conversation from there. Your stylist will help you to achieve the perfect cut and colour that will enhance your bridal hairstyle and maintain it up until your big day.

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Tip 4 
Products are very important. I always recommend Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Conditioning mask to my brides. It is the best treatment to get your hair back into healthy condition by putting the elasticity back in those locks. It was originally created for Audrey Hepburn would you believe?? And if it's good enough for Audrey, it's good enough for you bride to be!

Tip 5
I advise using sulphate free shampoo and conditioner which more gentle on the hair and scalp, meaning less colour fading and no flaky scalp issues which harsh chemicals can cause. This step will contribute to having the bridal hair of your dreams!

Tip 6 
A heat protection product is a must in everyone's hair routine, especially coloured hair. After washing your hair apply a spray, serum or balm of your choice to wet hair. Comb through gently then dry your hair as normal. This will protect it from heat causing less damage. It also protects your colour for longer too. A spray is suitable for anyone's hair and a serum or balm can be slightly heavy & oily and acts more as a smoothing product for slightly drier or courser hair. I always advise my brides to try and buy a couple of products like this. A leave in conditioner spray will provide light heat protection too. You moisturise your face everyday, so treat your hair with the same care too.

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Tip 7
Bridal hair trials should be fun and exciting! Have a few different ideas in mind that you like and don't rule anything out. Just like finding the right wedding dress, you may go with an idea and end up choosing something completely different.

Your dress, hair type and wedding vibe should all be taken into consideration when choosing the perfect hairstyle. A lot of brides grow their hair long for their wedding day but don't realise that too much hair can actually be the wrong choice for certain styles.

Sometimes I advise brides to have some length cut off to enhance their bridal style. Especially hair down as too much length can cover too much of your wedding dress and also cause the hair to drop too much because of too much weight. Layers also work well to allow more volume and texture in the hairstyle. 

Your bridal stylist should advise on all these things while styling your hair at the trial so you will know how to alter your haircut and colour to achieve the very best version of your dream bridal hair.

I advise bridal hair trials are not used for a hen night or evening out. You do not want people to see your bridal hairstyle before your wedding day. Allow yourself to wear it for a while and see how it holds and how you feel wearing it. It may be different to how you've worn your hair before so it can take a little getting used to. And last but not least!

Comments I hear A LOT at trials are,"I just want to feel like myself" or "it isn't how I'd usually wear my hair". I understand no one wants to look like a completely different person on their wedding day. However, you will be wearing a sensational, knock out wedding dress that will make you stand out from the crowd like never before. Your bridal hairstyle should tie in with your wedding dress rather than a hairstyle you would wear regularly or have worn before.

You should go for something different. Something you also love and feel beautiful in. If you do, once your bridal hair is finished and your wedding dress is finally on, you will feel a million bucks! If this isn't the day for you to show off and enhance your hair, then when is?

I love sharing my hair advice with you and if you have any other bridal hair questions, follow me on social media or drop me an email via my website below.

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Have fun lippie shopping girlies!
Lisa. x 
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